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We partner with companies to grow in the worldwide kid’s footwear

A brand’s journey into the world of kid’s footwear starts with us.

Bringing out the potential of those who choose us: that’s what we do best. And if we are so good at what we do, it is thanks to years of multifaceted experience that allowed us to develop our global skills in fashion and footwear for children.

We are well prepared, precise, and stringent, with quality as our fixed idea, meaning it transcends and encompasses every stage of the process, from research through to design, distribution and communication. A full service that led us to meet and achieve results beyond expectations to brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans, Bikkembergs, Manila Grace and Alviero Martini 1° Classe Junior, as well as to create two own brands: Morelli and Walkey.

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Creativity is a dynamic, complex process that takes talent and research. This means we listen a great deal, so that we can translate what brands need into unique collections.

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Quality is a term we will never get tired of. High-quality production and precision management of logistics are what allow us to transform demand into growth opportunities. Every day.

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Distribution means precision and punctuality. With our international presence and markets knowledge we are able to work alongside brands in every situation, everywhere.

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Imagining, doing, being there, but also communicating. We help brands to communicate the value of the things we create together. With dedicated strategies, consultants and quality content.

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We are much more than a footwear manufacturer.
We are the ideal partner to help express business potential and create value on the global market.