Tommy Hilfiger

This iconic brand with a ‘preppy’ look is identified by collections with glamourous, refined style, with details that add a lot without going too far, giving footwear that extra touch in keeping with the spirit of the brand. Since its launch in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has become globally famous as a pioneer of the classic American style.
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Established in 1986 by the homonymous designer, a member of the avant-garde fashion collective known as the "Antwerp Six”, Bikkembergs' design expresses movement, action, energy. In this creative vision, technology serves comfort without precluding the practicality of use. Technical materials and strong colors predominate to allow the product to express the streetwear brand’s soul.
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Alviero Martini 1ª Classe Junior

Recognisable throughout the world thanks to the iconic Geo map, Alviero Martini 1A Classe is a brand that now has a presence in many product categories: high-end leather goods, travel items, footwear and textile accessories as well as clothing collections for men, women and children. The various collections, inspired by the urban outlook, are designed and created by hand in Italy, and its stylistic journey is constantly evolving. Every product crafted is the perfect combination of creative originality, artisan excellence and cutting-edge production.
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Morelli is a casual brand with a glam inspiration that takes attention to details as its cornerstone. All collections are created and produced in Italy and designed to go with every look, from bon-ton to sporty, always with a touch of colour to be worn in total freedom.
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Attention to your child’s first steps is one of the most important things to keep in mind as your little one grows. Every Walkey product is the result of painstaking research in orthopaedics and anatomy. Key factors in its excellence are high-quality materials like the special breathable, antibacterial insole with extracts of Aloe Vera and certified metal-free hides used for the liners.
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Lolway is a brand aimed at girls who are always extra tuned in to fashion and new trends. The collections feature the freshness and authenticity typical of adolescence. Decorations and accessories enhance the products with a delicacy that avoids excesses, like a hymn to femininity and lightness. Explore the world of Lolway
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Unconventional, cosmopolitan and iconic. Reflects the desires of an urban, informed consumer with a strong personality who chooses a product with a touch of eccentricity. Their rigorously Made in Italy production is highly prized, thanks in part to their collaboration with stylist Gianni Barbato. Beyond experience, beyond the routine, beyond the borders of the fashion system: this is the essence of BEYOND.
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